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The time has come for eBooks, or has it? Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterGabrielle Wiersma • Leigh Beauchamp Enter Sandman: Licensing and Procurement Trends Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterKen DiFiore • Eric Sterkel • Elizabeth Lightfoot • Valerie Boulos • Rachel Erb Legacy Missions in Times of Change: Defining and Shaping Collections in the 21st Century Citadel Green Room North, Embassy Suites HotelAntje Mays • Oya Y. Rieger Library Collections: Creatively Adjusting Budgets to Invest in Open Content and Research Infrastructure Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterJulia Gelfand • Roger Schonfeld • Tom Hickerson • Barbara Dewey Print Collections as Battleground? Replacing Conflict with Conversations in the Use of Library Spaces Colonial Ballroom, Embassy Suites HotelSarah Tudesco • Brad Warren • Boaz Nadav Manes • Michael Meth Driving Textbook Affordability: Bridging the Gap Between Faculty and Librarian in the Selection of Open Educational Resources (OER) Salon I, Gaillard CenterMichelle Rivera-Spann • George Hart • Donna Shaw • Emilie Littlehales From Tech Titans to Brave Open World: Future Scoping the Library Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelRick Anderson • Michael Levine-Clark • Carol Hoover • Diane Bruxvoort • Ann Gabriel Working Together to Create a Sustainable Ecology for Open Access Books Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard Marriott HotelSteve Fallon • Ruth Jones • Carolyn Morris • Brian O'Leary • Amy Pawlowski • Peter Potter

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