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Ibironke Lawal

Virginia Commonwealth University
Science and Engineering Collections Librarian
Richmond, Virginia
I have been at VCU for over a decade as collections librarian and liaison to the School of Engineering and science departments in the College of Humanities and Sciences. Developing and maintaining relevant collections, providing effective service to students, moving them toward academic excellence, assisting faculty to reach their career goals are the things that motivate me. Apart from my regular duties, I have served as chair of Diversity Plan Task Force and LibQUAL+TM Task Force, and member of the University Promotion & Tenure guidelines review Task Force. Currently, I am a member of VCU Libraries Peer Review Committee. My interests lie in assessment and benchmarking our collections and services against those of peers and aspirational peers. My publications include the 2003 ASEE-ELD Best Paper Award.  I am a member of ASEE, ACS, ALA-STS, and AAAS. This is my fifth time attending the Charleston Conference.