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Sarah McCleskey

Hofstra University
Head of Resource & Collection Services
Astoria, New York
My units get things to people in ways that are efficient. Whether it's circulation, document delivery, resource sharing, DVDs, streaming licensing ... we deliver content to users using well-honed workflows and secret library magic. We maintain the integrity of our print collection with regular inventory and clean-up processes (I always say if the call number on the item doesn't match the call number in the catalog, that's pretty much a fundamental breakdown at the first level of library service!)
I also serve as Hofstra's go-to for copyright information. I advise faculty and students on copyright and fair use decisions, handle licensing beyond fair use, assist with permissions for publications, and all the other crazy questions one encounters as a copyright advisor. (example: My department is starting a journal, we're just going to put it on our department web page, okay?)
My professional work focuses primarily on acquisition and management of audiovisual collections. Ask me about streaming video, budget sustainability, collection values, content acquisitions, hosting options, blah blah blah. I love to talk about my favorite project, the Academic Libraries Video Trust (videotrust.org) for crowdsourcing copyright and digitization of VHS content!!!! I also love to talk copyright -- I'm preparing to advocate for a DMCA exception to break encryption for purposes of Section 108 preservation. Exciting, right??

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