Informatics India Ltd
Chairman & Managing Director
Bangalore, India.
N. V. Sathyanarayana (Sathya, for short) is a former librarian, information entrepreneur and information products and services developer rolled into one. He is the founder director of Informatics India Ltd – a leading information company, which he promoted in 1980 as an early pioneer in e-information access and delivery in India. Besides his business engagements, Sathya has served on various professional and Government bodies in India, concerning libraries and knowledge management such as: Chairman, working group on libraries & knowledge network set up by the State Knowledge Commission of Karnataka Government in India (2008-2012) and Member, working group on content creation and content industry" of the National Task Force on Information Technology and Software Development set up by set up by the Office of the Prime Minister of India. (May 1998-2000).

New developments and the future of Information Industry in general and the partnerships & collaboration opportunities in particular are topics of interest Sathya is looking forward to learn, share and explore.

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