Featured Speakers

avatar for Kumsal Bayazit

Kumsal Bayazit

avatar for Patricia Flatley Brennan

Patricia Flatley Brennan

National Library of Medicine
avatar for Brewster Kahle

Brewster Kahle

Internet Archive
Founder and Digital Librarian



John Abresch

University of South Florida
Coordinator of Collections
avatar for Catherine Ahearn

Catherine Ahearn

MIT Knowledge Futures Group
Content Lead
avatar for Scott Ahlberg

Scott Ahlberg

Reprints Desk
Chief Operations Officer
avatar for Karen Alcorn

Karen Alcorn

MCPHS University
Reference and Instruction Librarian and Associate Professor

Thea Allen

Lane Medical Library, Stanford University
Interim Director for Resource Management
avatar for Glenda Alvin

Glenda Alvin

Library, Tennessee State University
Associate Professor, Assistant Director for Collection Management and...
avatar for Nicole Ameduri

Nicole Ameduri

Springer Nature
Licensing Manager

Kent Anderson

Caldera Publishing Solutions
avatar for Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson

University of Utah
Assoc. Dean for Collections & Schol Comm
avatar for Lynnee Argabright

Lynnee Argabright

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
MSIS Graduate Student and Open Access Research Assistant
avatar for Kenning Arlitsch

Kenning Arlitsch

Montana State University
Dean of the Library

Kim Armstrong

Big Ten Academic Alliance
Director, Library Initiatives
avatar for Jolanda-Pieta (Joey) van Arnhem

Jolanda-Pieta (Joey) van Arnhem

College of Charleston Libraries
Scholars Studio Librarian
avatar for Sandy Avila

Sandy Avila

University of Central Florida
Science Librarian

Roxanne Backowski

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Peter Bae

Peter Bae

Princeton University Library
Asst. UL. Scholary Coll. Servs.
avatar for Jeff Bailey

Jeff Bailey

Arkansas State University
Library Director

Douglas Ballman

USC Shoah Foundation - The Institute for Visual History and Education
Manager of External Relations - Online Archive
avatar for Jean-Gabriel Bankier

Jean-Gabriel Bankier

bepress | Elsevier
Managing Director, Digital Commons
avatar for Jenifer Bartle

Jenifer Bartle

Wellesley College
Digital Library Services Librarian
avatar for Kendall Bartsch

Kendall Bartsch

Third Iron
avatar for Buzzy Basch

Buzzy Basch

Basch Subscriptions
avatar for Buenaventura (Ven)  Basco

Buenaventura (Ven) Basco

University of Central Florida
Engineering and Computer Science Librarian

Jason Baumann

The New York Public Library Research Libraries
Assistant Director of Collection Development
avatar for Adam Beauchamp

Adam Beauchamp

Florida State University Libraries
Humanities Librarian
avatar for Leigh Beauchamp

Leigh Beauchamp

VP of Product Management
avatar for Penny Beile

Penny Beile

University of Central Florida
Associate Director for Research, Education, and Engagement

Oren Beit-Arie

Chief Strategy Officer

Clint Bellanger

Auburn University Libraries
Senior Software Developer

Chris Bennett

Cambridge University Press
Global Sales Director
avatar for Susan Wald Berkman

Susan Wald Berkman

Nova Southeastern University
Asst. Dir Collection Development & Tech Services

Jack Bernard

University of Michigan
Associate General Counsel
avatar for Beth Bernhardt

Beth Bernhardt

Oxford University Press/ Previously at UNC Greensboro
Consortia Account Manager

Heidy Berthoud

Smithsonian Libraries
Head, Resource Description
avatar for Amanda Binder

Amanda Binder

UNC Charlotte
Social Sciences and History Librarian
avatar for Barbara Bishop

Barbara Bishop

Auburn University Libraries
Librarian for Communication, Journalism & Theatre

Corinne Bishop

University of Central Florida Libraries
Social Sciences Subject Librarian
avatar for Karen Bjork

Karen Bjork

Portland State University
Head of Digital Initiatives
avatar for Adam Blackwell

Adam Blackwell

Product Manager Lead
avatar for Jill Blaemers

Jill Blaemers

SAGE Publishing
Senior Editor, Data Planet
avatar for John Blosser

John Blosser

Northwestern University
Head, Acquisitions
avatar for Ken Bolton

Ken Bolton

Cornell University
Collections Coordinator
avatar for Rachel Borchardt

Rachel Borchardt

American University
Associate Director, Research and Instructional Services, and Science...
avatar for Polly Boruff-Jones

Polly Boruff-Jones

Indiana University Kokomo
Dean of the Library

Valerie Boulos

Florida State University
University Librarian
avatar for Christopher Boyd

Christopher Boyd

Florida Gulf Coast University Library
Head of Technical Services
avatar for Doreen Bradley

Doreen Bradley

University of Michigan Library
Director of Learning Programs and Initiatives

Glyneva Bradley-Ridout

Gerstein Science Information Centre - University of Toronto
Liaison & Education Librarian
avatar for Andy  Breeding

Andy Breeding

Senior Product Manager
avatar for John Brennan

John Brennan

VP of Product Management for Books
avatar for Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks

Durham Technical Community College
Reference Librarian
avatar for Megan Brown

Megan Brown

University of South Carolina Law Library
Acquisitions and Electronic Resources Librarian

Eric Brownell

John G. Wolbach Library, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Acquisitions Librarian
avatar for Curtis Brundy

Curtis Brundy

Iowa State University
AUL for Scholarly Communications and Collections
avatar for Diane Bruxvoort

Diane Bruxvoort

University of North Texas
Dean of Libraries
avatar for Tim Bucknall

Tim Bucknall

UNC Greensboro
Assistant Dean of Libraries
avatar for Amy Buhler

Amy Buhler

University of Florida
Engineering Librarian
avatar for Jane Burke

Jane Burke

ExLibris, a ProQuest company
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
avatar for Stacey Burke

Stacey Burke

American Physiological Society
Director of Publlishing Marketing and Sales
avatar for Rachel Burley

Rachel Burley

Research Square
avatar for Brandon Butler

Brandon Butler

University of Virginia Libraries
Director, Information Policy
avatar for Sharon Mattern Büttiker

Sharon Mattern Büttiker

Reprints Desk
Content Management Director
avatar for Cara  Cadena

Cara Cadena

Grand Valley State University
Head of Collections and Digital Scholarship
avatar for Julia Caffrey

Julia Caffrey

Towson University
Web Services Librarian
avatar for Colleen Campbell

Colleen Campbell

Max Planck Digital Library
Open Access 2020 Initiative
avatar for Michael Carmichael

Michael Carmichael

SAGE Publishing
Head of Visual Media
avatar for Todd Carpenter

Todd Carpenter

National Information Standards Organization (NISO)
Executive Director

Angela Carreño

New York University Libraries
Head of Collection Development
avatar for Pep Carrera

Pep Carrera

President ProQuest Books
avatar for Alex Carroll

Alex Carroll

Vanderbilt University Libraries
Librarian for STEM Research
avatar for Sunshine Carter

Sunshine Carter

University of Minnesota
CDO (Interim) & ERL
avatar for Vincent Cassidy

Vincent Cassidy

Institution of Engineering and Technology
Director of Academic Markets
avatar for Tara Tobin Cataldo, MLS

Tara Tobin Cataldo, MLS

University of Florida
Science Collections Coordinator
avatar for Bertha Chang

Bertha Chang

NC State University Libraries
Associate Head, Collections & Research Strategy
avatar for Ashley Chase

Ashley Chase

Stetson University College of Law
Associate Director
avatar for Xueying Chen

Xueying Chen

Kennesaw State University
STEM Collection Development Librarian and Monographs Coordinator
avatar for Adam Chesler

Adam Chesler

AIP Publishing
Director, Global Sales
avatar for Dan Chibnall

Dan Chibnall

Drake University
STEM Librarian
avatar for Hui Hua Chua

Hui Hua Chua

Michigan State University
Collections and User Support Librarian
avatar for Linda Colding

Linda Colding

Florida Gulf Coast University
Head, Reference, Research & Instruction
avatar for Ellie Collier

Ellie Collier

Library Services Engineer
avatar for Michelle Colquitt

Michelle Colquitt

Georgia Gwinnett College
Resource Management Librarian
avatar for Rachel Cooke

Rachel Cooke

Florida Gulf Coast University
Education and Arts Librarian
avatar for Jessie Copeland

Jessie Copeland

Emory University
Assistant Director, Resource Management
avatar for Anne  Craig

Anne Craig

Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI)
avatar for Carol Cramer

Carol Cramer

Wake Forest University
Head of Collection Management
avatar for Steve Cramer

Steve Cramer

UNC Greensboro
Business & Entrepreneurship Librarian
avatar for Kerry Creelman

Kerry Creelman

University of Houston Libraries
Head of Liaison Services

Rebecca Crist

Big Ten Academic Alliance
Project Manager
avatar for Cynthia Cronin-Kardon

Cynthia Cronin-Kardon

University of Pennsylviania
Business Reference & Resource Development Librarian, Lippincott...
avatar for Lindsay Cronk

Lindsay Cronk

University of Rochester
Head of Collection Strategies
avatar for Raym Crow

Raym Crow

Chain Bridge Group
Managing Partner

Mark Cummings

Editor and Publisher
avatar for Christopher Cyr

Christopher Cyr

Associate Research Scientist

Kristin D'Amato

Central Connecticut State University
Serials/Electronic Resources Librarian

Chris Dappen

Director of Customer Success
avatar for Christine Davidian

Christine Davidian

Rowan University
Eresources & Serials Librarian
avatar for Hilary Davis

Hilary Davis

North Carolina State University Libraries
Department Head, Collections & Research Strategy
avatar for Melvin Davis

Melvin Davis

Coastal Carolina University
University Librarian
avatar for Stephanie Davis-Kahl

Stephanie Davis-Kahl

Illinois Wesleyan University
Collections & Scholarly Communications Librarian
avatar for Trevor A. Dawes

Trevor A. Dawes

University of Delaware Library
Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums and May Morris University...
avatar for Jill Dawson

Jill Dawson

University of North Texas
Electronic Resources Librarian

Jennifer Dean

University of Detroit Mercy
Dean of University Libraries
avatar for Lorcan Dempsey

Lorcan Dempsey

Vice President, Membership and Research, Chief Strategist
avatar for Liya Deng

Liya Deng

Eastern Washington University
Social Sciences Librarian
avatar for Kyle Denlinger

Kyle Denlinger

Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University
eLearning Librarian

Tracey DePellegrin

Genetics Society of America
Executive Director and Executive Editor, GENETICS & G3
avatar for Leigh Ann DePope

Leigh Ann DePope

University of Maryland College Park
Head of Acquisitions and Data Services
avatar for Nora Dethloff

Nora Dethloff

University of Houston Libraries
Head of Research Materials Procurement
avatar for Barbara  Dewey

Barbara Dewey

Penn State University
Dean, University Libraries & Scholarly Communications

Amanda DiFeterici

Credo Reference
Product Manager of Information Literacy Products

Ken DiFiore

Director, IDSP, Outreach & Participation

Debbi Dinkins

Stetson University
Associate Dean, Library
avatar for Jill Dixon

Jill Dixon

Binghamton University (SUNY)
Associate University Librarian for Public Services & Collections
avatar for Joyce Dixon-Fyle

Joyce Dixon-Fyle

avatar for Susan Doerr

Susan Doerr

University of Minnesota Press
Associate Director
avatar for Melanie Dolechek

Melanie Dolechek

Executive Director
avatar for Brianne Dosch

Brianne Dosch

University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Social Sciences Data Librarian
avatar for Jeff Dougherty

Jeff Dougherty

Web of Science Group -- Clarivate Analytics
Solutions Specialist
avatar for John Dove

John Dove

Paloma & Associates
avatar for Helen Duce

Helen Duce

SAGE Publications
Executive Product Manager, SAGE Journals
avatar for Sara Duff

Sara Duff

University of Central Florida
Acquisitions and Collection Assessment Librarian
avatar for Katharine Dunn

Katharine Dunn

MIT Libraries
Scholarly Communications Librarian
avatar for Kathryn  Earle

Kathryn Earle

Managing Director, Bloomsbury Digital Resources
avatar for Teagan Eastman

Teagan Eastman

Utah State University
Online Learning Librarian
avatar for Andrea Eastman-Mullins

Andrea Eastman-Mullins

West End Learning
avatar for Meg Ecclestone

Meg Ecclestone

University of Guelph Library
Collections & Content Librarian
avatar for Chuck Eckman

Chuck Eckman

University of Miami
Dean of Libraries
avatar for Kristina Edwards

Kristina Edwards

Central Connecticut State University
Acquisitions Librarian
avatar for Elizabeth Ellis

Elizabeth Ellis

UNC Greensboro
MLIS Student, LIS Instructor
avatar for Jon Elwell

Jon Elwell

Director of Content Strategies

Alice Eng

Wake Forest University
Electronic Resources Librarian

Rachel Erb

Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative
Direct of E-Resources

Joe Esposito

Clarke & Esposito
Senior Partner
avatar for Gwen Evans

Gwen Evans

Executive Director

Brian Falato

University of South Florida
Senior Cataloger
avatar for Steve Fallon

Steve Fallon

De Gruyter
Vice President of Americas and Strategic Partnerships
avatar for Emily Farrell

Emily Farrell

MIT Press
Library Sales Executive
avatar for Maggie Farrell

Maggie Farrell

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dean of Libraries
avatar for Philip Faust

Philip Faust

Vice President and Publisher, Academic Product
avatar for Celeste Feather

Celeste Feather

Senior Director of Content and Scholarly Communication Initiatives
avatar for John Felts

John Felts

Coastal Carolina University
Head of Library Technology
avatar for Cris Ferguson

Cris Ferguson

Murray State University
Assistant Dean of Libraries / Associate Professor
avatar for Eelco Ferwerda

Eelco Ferwerda

avatar for Christine Fischer

Christine Fischer

UNC Greensboro
Head of Technical Services and Associate Professor
avatar for Rachel Fleming

Rachel Fleming

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Scholarly Communications Librarian
avatar for Rachel Fleming-May

Rachel Fleming-May

University of Tennessee School of Information Sciences
Associate Professor
avatar for Angela Flenner

Angela Flenner

College of Charleston Libraries
Acquisitions and Resource Management Coordinator
avatar for Kathleen Folger

Kathleen Folger

University of Michigan Library
Electronic Resources Office
avatar for Amy Forrester

Amy Forrester

University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Research Coordinator
avatar for Sara Forsyth

Sara Forsyth

Cambridge University Press
Senior Library Sales Representative, Canada
avatar for Anita Foster

Anita Foster

The Ohio State University
Electronic Resources Officer
avatar for Sari  Frances

Sari Frances

Dir. Content Protection Services
avatar for Patrick Franzen

Patrick Franzen

Director, SPIE Digital Library
avatar for Chris Freeland

Chris Freeland

Internet Archive
Director of Open Libraries
avatar for Amie Freeman

Amie Freeman

University of South Carolina
Scholarly Communication Librarian
avatar for Eric Frierson

Eric Frierson

Sr. Director, Field Engineering
avatar for Sven Fund

Sven Fund

Knowledge Unlatched
Managing Director
avatar for Ann Gabriel

Ann Gabriel

Senior Vice President
avatar for Oliver Gadsby

Oliver Gadsby

Rowman & Littlefield
President, Academic & Professional Publishing

James Galbraith

Binghamton University (State University of New York)
Head of Collection Development,
avatar for Erin Gallagher

Erin Gallagher

University of Florida
E-Resources Librarian
avatar for Jeremy Garskof

Jeremy Garskof

Gettysburg College
Director of Technical Services
avatar for Melissa Gasparotto

Melissa Gasparotto

The New York Public Library Research Libraries
Assistant Director, Research Services
avatar for Rupert Gatti

Rupert Gatti

Open Book Publishers

Rich Gause

University of Central Florida
Government Information Librarian

Kathy Gehring

Connecticut College
Serials & E Resorces Librarian
avatar for Sybille Geisenheyner

Sybille Geisenheyner

Royal Society of Chemistry
Sales Manager (Europe, Middle East, India & Africa)
avatar for Julia Gelfand

Julia Gelfand

University of California, Irvine
Applied Sciences & Engineering Librarian
avatar for Michele Gibney

Michele Gibney

University of the Pacific
Head of Publishing and Scholarship Support
avatar for Heather Gilbert

Heather Gilbert

College of Charleston Libraries
Associate Dean of Collection and Content Services
avatar for Stephen Gilewski

Stephen Gilewski

Ex Libris
Solutions Architect
avatar for Julie Gill

Julie Gill

American Medical Association
Vice President and General Manager, AMA Ed Hub
avatar for Sarah (Sally) Glasser

Sarah (Sally) Glasser

Hofstra University
Serials/E-Resources Librarian
avatar for Peggy Glatthaar

Peggy Glatthaar

Florida Gulf Coast University Library
Head of Customer Services

Kerri Goergen-Doll

Oregon State University
Director, Collections, Acquisitions & Resource Sharing
avatar for Elyssa Gould

Elyssa Gould

University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Head, Acquisitions & Continuing Resources
avatar for Carl Grant

Carl Grant

Oklahoma University
Interim Dean of Libraries
avatar for Brian C. Gray

Brian C. Gray

Case Western Reserve University, Kelvin Smith Library
Special Projects Officer

Mikaela Gray

Gerstein Science Information Centre - University of Toronto
Liaison & Education Librarian
avatar for Jonathan Greenberg

Jonathan Greenberg

New York University
Digital Scholarly Publishing Specialist
avatar for Mark I. Greenberg

Mark I. Greenberg

Western Washington University
Dean of Libraries

Adan Griego

Stanford University
Curator for Latin American, Iberian & Mexican American Collections
avatar for Jennifer Groff

Jennifer Groff

Clemson University
Science Librarian
avatar for Jill Grogg

Jill Grogg

Strategist, Content & Schol Comm Initiatives
avatar for Jean Gudenas

Jean Gudenas

Medical University of South Carolina
Associate Professor, Director of Information Resources and Collection...
avatar for Darrell W. Gunter

Darrell W. Gunter

Gunter Media Group, Inc.
President & CEO

Corey Halaychik

University of Texas at Austin
Head of Content Management
avatar for Sebastian Hammer

Sebastian Hammer

Index Data
Co-Founder and President
avatar for Wendy Hanamura

Wendy Hanamura

Internet Archive
Director of Partnerships
avatar for Rebecca Hankins

Rebecca Hankins

Texas A&M University
Professor/Africana/W&G Studies Librarian/Archivist
avatar for William M. Hannay

William M. Hannay

Schiff Hardin LLP
avatar for Karen Hanson

Karen Hanson

Portico, ITHAKA
Senior Research Developer
avatar for Skye Hardesty

Skye Hardesty

Georgia State University
Head, Collection Development & Discovery
avatar for Kathryn Harnish

Kathryn Harnish

Innovative Interfaces
SVP, Product Strategy
avatar for Emily Hart

Emily Hart

Syracuse University
STEM Librarian
avatar for George Hart

George Hart

University of Massachusetts Lowel
Director of Libraries

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