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Colleen Campbell

Max Planck Digital Library
Open Access 2020 Initiative
Munich, Germany
As coordinator of the global Open Access 2020 Initiative, I would be very happy to talk with you about open access and strategies to transform the current subscription journals system to new open access publishing models. Given my involvement with the ESAC Initiative, I also have a deep knowledge of Transformative Agreements.
Tuesday, November 5

9:00am EST

Wednesday, November 6

9:25am EST

10:45am EST

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3:30pm EST

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5:30pm EST

6:20pm EST

Thursday, November 7

8:35am EST

10:45am EST

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2:30pm EST

3:30pm EST

4:30pm EST

Friday, November 8

9:45am EST

10:45am EST

11:45am EST