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Anne Cerstvik Nolan

Brown University
Collection Strategist
Providence, Rhode Island Area
Anne has been at the Brown University Library for 26 years, first as Assistant Head of Reference and Head of Interlibrary Loan. Along the way, someone realized that all of the eresources work she had been doing (in addition to the other two jobs) was really a full-time job, and so her current position of Electronic Resources Librarian was created, and she moved to Acquisitions. Having only worked in public services to that point, Anne had to learn to embrace her inner technical services librarian. She now negotiates most of the Library's license agreements; works with the Library selectors; schmoozes with vendor/publishers; trains public services staff; orders, troubleshoots and maintains eresources; blogs about Library eresources, and "other duties as assigned." She is also the proud mom of two very cute rescue Chihuahuas.
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