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Thursday, November 7

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Communicating Collections: Strategies for informing library stakeholders of collections budget & management decisions Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterJohn Abresch • Laura Pascual • Anna Seiffert Hire Ed: How Libraries Can Do Their Part to Help New College Graduates Become Employable A Discussion with Employers, Students and Librarians Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelKate Hill • Radhi Jagirdar • Jerry Roche • Nasser Saleh A Comparison and Review of 17 E-book platforms Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterJohn Lavender • Courtney McAllister AI, VR and Other Interactive Content: How Libraries and Classrooms are Using Emerging Tech to Advance Knowledge Salon II, Gaillard CenterDouglas Ballman • Dan Hawkins • Jolanda-Pieta (Joey) van Arnhem From Rural Publics to Urban Universities: Implementing Discovery at a Statewide Level Magnolia Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelClaire Leverett • Stephen Gilewski • Stephen Brooks Resources for Online Science Courses: How Librarians and Faculty Connect Cooper Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelMary Poffenroth • Rachelle McLain • Brian Ryckman • Nathan Welch Six impossible things: Moving KBART into the next decade Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelChristine Stohn • Robert Heaton • Andree J. Rathemacher • Noah Levin Something to Talk About: the Intersection of Library Assessment and Collection Diversity Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterTimothy Morton • Roxanne Backowski Representation of Atypical Resources in the Discovery Layer: Publisher, Discovery Service Provider, and Library Perspectives Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelTodd Carpenter • Jay Holloway • Brian Falato • Jill Blaemers • Linda Kopecky The Textbook Affordability Puzzle: Perspectives from 3 of the Pieces Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelPenny Beile • Sara Duff • Katy Miller Turn Left Here: Developing Roadmaps to Successful Implementation and Beyond Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelSandy Srivastava • Rachel Fleming • Johan Tilstra • Rebekah Shaw Accelerating Digital Collaboration and Engagement: Experimenting with Open Communities Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelLiz Milewicz • Catherine Ahearn • Heather Staines • Katharine Dunn Behind the Gate: Early Career Researchers’ Motivations for Using ResearchGate Citadel Green Room North, Embassy Suites HotelLisa Janicke Hinchliffe • Laurel Post • Morgan Sherlock Is there enough room in that cocoon? Libraries and Societies transforming together Citadel Green Room South, Embassy Suites HotelSunshine Carter • Tracey DePellegrin • Curtis Brundy • Stacey Burke Open Web Tools 2019 Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard Marriott HotelGary Price • Curtis Michelson The time has come to talk of... who should own scholarly infrastructure? Salon I, Gaillard CenterUnpaywall Journals • Jason Priem The Time Has Come… For Next-Generation Open Access (OA) Models Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelAnneliese Taylor • Celeste Feather • Kim Armstrong • Sara Rouhi The World is Our Oyster: Pearls of Cross-Consortial Partnerships Found in a Shared Hyku Repository Service Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelJill Morris • Kirsten Leonard Un-volting our preferences - data security and privacy in a changing library landscape Ashley Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelBoaz Nadav Manes • Eric Zematis Stopwatch Session 3: Faculty & Researcher Services Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard Marriott HotelAthena Hoeppner • Debbi Dinkins • Melvin Davis • Melissa Gasparotto • Brianne Dosch • Eric Resnis

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Displaying Your Impact, Protecting your Patrons: Ethical Use of Library Analytics to Understand User Success (Vendor Perspectives) Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterJohn McDonald • Michael Levine-Clark • Philip Faust • Trevor A. Dawes • Monica Rysavy • Russell Michalak The Time has come to talk…with ourselves: Through the Looking Glass, and what A.L.I.C.E (Assessing Library Institutional Commitment and Experience) found there Cooper Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelRegina Mays • Rachel Fleming-May • Greg Womac Assessing The Library: An Unquiet History, by Matthew Battles Citadel Green Room South, Embassy Suites HotelJoyce Dixon-Fyle • Azungwe Kwembe Bridging the Publisher-Library Gap to Solve Selection Challenges Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard Marriott HotelEllen Safley • Audrey Marcus • Lisa Nachtigall Do the Right Thing: Sustainability, Values, and Streaming Video Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterTrey Shelton • Sarah McCleskey • Alex Hoskyns-Abrahall Evidenced-based Acquisition for Primary Source Content - A New Model for Access and Ownership Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelBrian C. Gray • Teresa Hazen • Lisa McDonald • Holly Talbott • Thomas H. Teper It's Time to Look That Gift Horse in the Mouth: Approaches to Managing Gifts Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelKathleen Spring What Exactly Would You Like Tech Services To Do? Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelCharlie Sicignano • Corey Halaychik • Joe Marciniak Collecting to Disseminate: Awareness, Action, Assessment as a Three-Pronged Approach to Proving Academic Library Value through User-Centric Collection Work Ashley Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelLiya Deng • Stan Trembach From Fakes to Facts: How Librarians Can Foster Critical Thinking Among All Students Salon II, Gaillard CenterRosalind Tedford • Kiren Shoman • Dan Chibnall • Sarah Morris • Amanda DiFeterici Let’s give them something to talk about… Textbook Affordability and OER Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelDerek Malone • Linda Colding • Jennifer L. Pate • Peggy Glatthaar Ethics and the Archives: Panel discussion on historical and contemporary issues related to online discovery and use of historical information and archives Citadel Green Room North, Embassy Suites HotelJeff Moyer • Rebecca Hankins • Melissa Stoner • Chelcie Juliet Rowell • Thai Jones Great Expectations: Leading Libraries Through the Minefield of Continuous Change Salon I, Gaillard CenterDenise D Novak • Corey Seeman Leading from below: Influencing vendors and collection budget decisions as a subject liaison Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard Marriott HotelSteve Cramer • Cynthia Cronin-Kardon • Min Tong Marketing to Libraries Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelBuzzy Basch As we journey towards full OA, are we using the same GPS to map the route? Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelAmy Pawlowski • Colleen Campbell • Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe • Carrie Webster • Stacey Burke Athenaeum - Digital Flames Magnolia Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelKent Anderson • Karin Wulf Textbooks have many flavors: Understanding the complexities for students, instructors, publishers and libraries Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelJulia Gelfand • John Brennan • Chemera Ivory • Len Scoggins What If We Had to Build a New Publishing Ecosystem from Scratch? Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterRick Anderson • Reeta Sinha • Oliver Gadsby • Sara Rouhi • Courtney Young And It’s Time to Talk About Sustaining Our Scientific Cyberinfrastructure Drayton Room, Francis Marion HotelJohn W. Maxwell • Robert Sandusky • Amy Forrester Stopwatch Sessions 4: E-collections Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelJack Montgomery • Kate Hill • Alexis Linoski • Jenifer Bartle • Tressa Santillo

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Documenting students’ research journeys: Students’ experiences searching with Google vs. Yewno’s Discover platform Cooper Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelMonica Rysavy • Russell Michalak • Ruth Pickering The Death and Rebirth of Reference Resources: Unpacking what's happening with changing user behaviors Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelDamon Zucca • David Tyckoson • Kathryn Earle Drastic times call for drastic measures: Intentionality, outreach, and library leadership in times of financial crisis Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelMark I. Greenberg • Kristin D'Amato • Kristina Edwards • Madeline Kelly Holy Crapronym: The Preponderance of Jargon and Acronyms Citadel Green Room North, Embassy Suites HotelElizabeth Lightfoot • Alice Eng • Nicole Ameduri Matching made in heaven: collections and metadata collaboration for print preservation Ashley Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelErin Johnson • Alie Visser Strategic Reinvestments of Journal Packages in Today’s Publishing Ecosystem Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRebecca Seger • Amy Pawlowski • Joe Esposito • Maria Lopes • Mihoko Hosoi Trot So Quick: Addressing Budgetary Changes Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelJeff Bailey • Star Holloway Values-based Collection Development Approaches to Ebook Acquisition Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterAngela Carreño • Jill Morris • Charles Watkinson • Emily Farrell Let's get technical: Using tools to increase library visibility and work within the patron workflow Salon I, Gaillard CenterJohan Tilstra • Tim O'Neill Never waste a crisis: Re-imagining interlibrary loan as part of the resourcing picture Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelRice Majors • Kelly Johnson What the Oysters Learned too Late: Reconsidering Literacy Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelAudrey Powers • Marc Powers Cabbages, Kings, and Curriculum: Bridging LIS Education and New Practices in Librarianship Magnolia Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelJill Grogg • Rachel Fleming-May Lessons from ITHAKA S+R on Research Practices in the Disciplines: What Have We Learned? What Should We Do? Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterSteve Weiland • Jennifer Dean Maximum Dissemination: A possible model for society journals in the humanities and social sciences to support Open while retaining their subscription revenue Drayton Room, Francis Marion HotelJohn Dove • N V SATHYANARAYANA Preprints - Why Librarians Should Care Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelSusan K. Kendall • Oya Y. Rieger • Rachel Burley • Jessica Polka Public and Private, Two West Coast Perspectives: Offering Faculty Grant Funding for Open Textbook Initiatives Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard Marriott HotelJean-Gabriel Bankier • Karen Bjork • Michele Gibney Society Sustainability - Funding the Society Mission Salon II, Gaillard CenterPatrick Franzen • Brett Rubinstein • Julie Gill • Lauren Kane “…of research workflows - and changing roles - and the challenges it brings” Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelAnne Rauh • Vincent Cassidy • Emily Hart Introducing the Coalition for Seamless Access: delivering a simpler, privacy-preserving access experience Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard Marriott HotelJohn Felts • Tim Lloyd • Emily Singley Applying Negotiation Strategies to Career Bargaining Citadel Green Room South, Embassy Suites HotelCourtney McAllister • Austina Jordan • Erin Luckett • Melissa Lockaby Stopwatch Session 5: Collection Assessment Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterBobby Hollandsworth • Andy Breeding • Alicia Willson-Metzger • Hannah Pearson • Anna Milholland • Keri Prelitz

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Beyond ROI: Expanding data analysis to develop a strategy for transformation Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMathew Willmott Collection Assessment and the Impact of Digital Availability on Print Usage Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterThomas H. Teper Two Flavors of EZproxy Analytics: How Emory University and OCLC Implemented Solutions for EZproxy Log Analysis Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelChristopher Palazzolo • Jessie Copeland • Hank Sway Change – Watch for the Right Time: Structuring Collections Budgets to Meet Current and Future Needs Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelCaryl Ward • Jill Dixon • John Blosser Documentation Worth Making, Values Worth Fighting For: A Vision for Next Generation Collection Policies Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterAnne Rauh • Lindsay Cronk • Kelly Durkin Ruth Embrace the Hive Mind: Engaging ILL and Research Services in Unsubscribed and OA Content Discovery Magnolia Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelJessica Rigg • Rebecca Hunnicutt If we buy it, they will come... right? Developing and implementing a marketing program in academic libraries Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterSusan Wald Berkman • Allyson Rodriguez • Michelle Rivera-Spann Popular Reading Collections and Academia... The time has come to talk about it! Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelSusanna Smith • Skye Hardesty • Christopher Boyd • Kathy Marks Primary Rights and the Inequalities of E-Book Access Salon II, Gaillard CenterRoen Janyk • Arielle Lomness Resource Discovery in a Changing Content World Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard Marriott HotelChristine Stohn • Cynthia Schwarz • Hannah Mckelvey • Allen Jones • Rachelle McLain Space Exploration: a study of print collections, where they live, and how to integrate them into the physical library Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelElizabeth Siler • Amanda Binder • Lindsey Sprague Through the Looking Glass: Measuring Value in the Nontraditional Database Market Ashley Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelCynthia Cronin-Kardon • Ryan Phillips • George Machovec • James Simon Wait, I don’t just become CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Helping students’ gain foundational skills for the academic to workforce transition Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelLauren Reiter • Corey Seeman • Jason Sokoloff • Kristi Ward Do you talk to your VPR? Building relationships with the research office Citadel Green Room South, Embassy Suites HotelCharles Eckman • Maggie Farrell • Kenning Arlitsch • Oren Beit-Arie MIT Press Direct and University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection: First Year Lessons Learned and Future Prospects Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard Marriott HotelSharla Lair • Lanell White • Emily Farrell Publication Ethics: The challenges in arts, humanities, and social sciences and what this means for librarians Cooper Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelRachel Safer • Claire Sewell • Jennie McMillan Start From Where You Are: Key Considerations for Approaching Open Access Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelColleen Campbell • Gwen Evans A New Look for Library Data: University Testing of BIBFRAME-based Discovery Colonial Ballroom, Embassy Suites HotelKathryn Harnish • Stephanie Kaceli Is Blockchain the new frontier for scholarly publishing? Citadel Green Room North, Embassy Suites HotelDarrell W. Gunter • Anthony Paganelli OER in the Real World: Challenges of Discovery and Adoption Salon I, Gaillard CenterKyle Denlinger • Elizabeth Wemlinger • Andrea Eastman-Mullins Publisher Platforms and NISO’s PIE-J: Working Together to Improve E-Journal Access Drayton Room, Francis Marion HotelSarah (Sally) Glasser • Julie Zhu • Helen Duce Stopwatch Sessions 6: Acquisitions Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelAthena Hoeppner • Edward Lener • Thomas Karel • Jennifer Young • Jacquelyn Hart • Nicole Wood

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