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Wednesday, November 6

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CARLI Counts: Analytics in Consortium Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelStephanie Davis-Kahl • Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe • Kimberly Shotick • Anne Craig Developing a Framework for Measuring Reuse of Digital Library Collections: Discovery, Assessment, and Sharing Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard Marriott HotelCaroline Muglia New usage reports, new insights! How to use your COUNTER data in decision making process Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterSonja Lendi • Athena Hoeppner • Kornelia Junge Tools and infrastructure for managing the collective collection Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterMichael Levine-Clark • George Machovec • Gabrielle Wiersma • Elizabeth Mengel Accessibility for Digital Materials: The Current Landscape Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelHeidi Schroeder • Jill Grogg From big ideas to real talk: A front-line perspective on new collections roles in times of organizational restructuring Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelSally Sax • Meg Ecclestone • Alana Skwarok Going Through the Looking Glass: Re-envisioning Collections at the University of Houston Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelKerry Creelman • Nancy Linden • Nora Dethloff Open and Impactful – Using Web of Science to Reveal Your Institution’s Open Access Footprint Colonial Ballroom, Embassy Suites HotelWeb of Science Pain Points and Solutions: Bringing Data for Startups to Campus Ashley Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelKelly LaVoice • Daniel Hickey • Mark Williams Tackling the University Press eBook Collection Management Problem: The De Gruyter University Press eBooks Pilot Project Salon I, Gaillard CenterWeijing Yuan • Sharla Lair • Steve Fallon • Brigitta van Rheinberg Twelve Danishes for the Price of One: The Benefits of Bulk Acquisitions for Libraries Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard Marriott HotelScott Ahlberg • Sara Tarpley • Scott Pope • Jon Elwell • Nick Newcomer “You Must Run Twice as Fast as That”: Using Insights from Researchers to Align Library Support to Researchers’ Needs Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelBertha Chang • Hilary Davis • Colin Nickels Annotation on Campus: Collaboration in the Classroom and Beyond! Citadel Green Room South, Embassy Suites HotelHeather Staines • Butch Porter • Alan Joseph Reid • Micah Vandegrift Developing open access partnerships and transformative agreements Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterJen Maurer • Rice Majors • Mathew Willmott • Andrew Sykes Intriguing New Model for Improved Visibility of and Access to Theses and Dissertations Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelJudith Russell Harnessing the Market for the Benefit of All: Increasing Transparency and Other Emerging Possibilities for Ebook Accessibility Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelSusan Doerr • Jeanne Masher • Trisha Prevett • Michael Johnson The BitViews project: can a blockchain application unchain Open Access? New solutions for an old problem. Drayton Room, Francis Marion HotelManfredi La Manna E-Resources Boot Camp Salon II, Gaillard CenterJoe Marciniak Open-source Publishing Software: A Landscape Analysis Citadel Green Room North, Embassy Suites HotelJohn W. Maxwell Stopwatch Session 1 Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelLiya Deng • Barbara Tierney • Mary Ellen Sloane • Rebecca Crist • Adam Beauchamp • Cécile Swiatek • Corinne Bishop

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A Springboard to OER Success: How One State’s Higher Education Agencies and Academic Libraries are Working in Tandem to Create Greater Awareness of the Value of OER Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelJennifer L. Pate • Ron Leonard • Katherine Quinnell I don’t want to go among mad people: adventures in establishing good communication between subject librarians and technical service departments in a large academic library. Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelJennifer Mezick • Elyssa Gould Snake News or Fake News? A Game Show About How Students Evaluate Scientific Information in Google Search Results Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard Marriott HotelTara Tobin Cataldo, MLS • Amy Buhler • Samuel Putnam • Christopher Cyr The time has come for eBooks, or has it? Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterGabrielle Wiersma • Leigh Beauchamp Enter Sandman: Licensing and Procurement Trends Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterKen DiFiore • Eric Sterkel • Elizabeth Lightfoot • Valerie Boulos • Rachel Erb Legacy Missions in Times of Change: Defining and Shaping Collections in the 21st Century Citadel Green Room North, Embassy Suites HotelAntje Mays • Oya Y. Rieger Library Collections: Creatively Adjusting Budgets to Invest in Open Content and Research Infrastructure Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterJulia Gelfand • Roger Schonfeld • Tom Hickerson • Barbara Dewey Print Collections as Battleground? Replacing Conflict with Conversations in the Use of Library Spaces Colonial Ballroom, Embassy Suites HotelSarah Tudesco • Brad Warren • Boaz Nadav Manes • Michael Meth Putting Your Library Learning Materials to Work: Making Not Just ‘talk of’, but ‘use of’ Your Many Things! Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelCharles Lyons • Kiren Shoman • Austina Jordan • Anaya Jones Should you Pay for the Chicken When you can Get It for Free? No longer Life on the Farm as We Know It Citadel Green Room South, Embassy Suites HotelJames King • Beth Bernhardt • Sari Frances • Sharon Mattern Büttiker • Susie Winter • Crane Hassold Eat Me! Drink Me! Rightsizing Your Department Through Reorganization Salon II, Gaillard CenterAngela Flenner • Heather Gilbert Negotiating with Vendors Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelBuzzy Basch • Marjorie Hlava To the Walrus or the Carpenter? Framing Budget Conversations Around Leadership Types Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelAshley Chase “For some of us are out of breath:” a discussion for newly appointed leaders in collections and technical services Ashley Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelAnn Roll • Erika L. Johnson • Jessie Copeland • Sarah McClung • Thea Allen A proposed framework for the evaluation of academic librarian scholarship Cooper Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelRachel Borchardt • Jennifer K Matthews • Polly Boruff-Jones • Sigrid Kelsey Driving Textbook Affordability: Bridging the Gap Between Faculty and Librarian in the Selection of Open Educational Resources (OER) Salon I, Gaillard CenterMichelle Rivera-Spann • George Hart • Donna Shaw • Emilie Littlehales From Tech Titans to Brave Open World: Future Scoping the Library Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelRick Anderson • Michael Levine-Clark • Carol Hoover • Diane Bruxvoort • Ann Gabriel Josh Nicholson & Scite - New Directions for Research Information Drayton Room, Francis Marion HotelNancy Herther • Josh Nicholson The Scholarly Kitchen Live - Chat with the Chefs Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelLynnee Argabright • Todd Carpenter • Melanie Dolechek • Joe Esposito • Gwen Evans • Jasmin Lange • Judy Luther Working Together to Create a Sustainable Ecology for Open Access Books Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard Marriott HotelSteve Fallon • Ruth Jones • Carolyn Morris • Brian O'Leary • Amy Pawlowski • Peter Potter Acting Up! Standards Improv and the Importance of Cross-Stakeholder Collaboration Magnolia Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelChristine Stohn • Julie Zhu • Athena Hoeppner • Heather Staines The Value of Video: Accessibility, Streaming, and the 21st Century Library Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelKerri Goergen-Doll • Chris Dappen • Ryan Wilkins

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State of the Academic Library: Results from the 2019 Academic Libraries Survey Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterOren Beit-Arie • Dr. Dennis M Swanson Begin at the beginning: Revamping collection development workflows Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelJennifer Mezick • Elyssa Gould Beyond Journals: Inside Society Archive Collections Ashley Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelAlasdair MacLeod • Sarah Pickman • Felix Lancashire Piloting the surge: Streaming Video and Academic Libraries Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelAnita Foster • Azungwe Kwembe • Joanna Kolendo • Charlene Snelling Revitalizing Library Collections: A Tale of Two Libraries Magnolia Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelBecky Imamoto • Xueying Chen Tip of the Iceberg: Choosing What Shows, Discovering What’s Hidden Drayton Room, Francis Marion HotelKaren Kohn • Rich Gause Area Studies, Time to Talk about the Threats, Trends and Current State of Collection Management and Publishing in the Digital Age of Globalization Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelAngela Carreño • Steve Fallon • Brian Vetruba • Adan Griego Building a Community-owned Resource Sharing Platform Citadel Green Room South, Embassy Suites HotelAnne McKee • Sebastian Hammer • Nora Dethloff Understanding and Improving Accessibility in your Library Colonial Ballroom, Embassy Suites HotelAlexandra Jacobs • Michelle Rivera-Spann Better Together: How the MIT Libraries and MIT Press are Joining Forces to Increase Openness to Scholarship Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterNick Lindsay • Katharine Dunn Bringing Some Stranger Things of Streaming Video up From the Upside Down World: Research Insights from Faculty and Students Salon II, Gaillard CenterChristine Fischer • Michael Carmichael • Dina Samora • Elizabeth Ellis Capitulating or Capitalizing, Compromising or Combatting: What is Meaningful Discourse Between Library and Vendor? Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelAshley Chase • Cris Ferguson • Kristen Twardowski • Lindsay Cronk • Rachel Fleming • Erin Luckett Challenges in Information Literacy: Leading Them to Water, Imploring Them to Drink -- hosting a successful faculty/graduate-student workshop. Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelSusan Wald Berkman • Web of Science • Linda Kopecky Falling Down the Rabbit Hole: Exploring the Unique Partnership between Subject Librarians and Scholarly Communication Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard Marriott HotelSarah Norris • Sandy Avila • Buenaventura (Ven) Basco Open Infrastructure: The Way Forward for Open Access Monographs Cooper Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelEelco Ferwerda • Rupert Gatti • Pierre Mounier • Eileen Joy Professional Learning and 'Inbetween Publishing': The Tasks of the Charleston Briefings Salon I, Gaillard CenterSteve Weiland • Matthew Ismail Reconciling Civil Rights And Copyrights Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard Marriott HotelJack Bernard • Brandon Butler "Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Extended Reality - what you need to know and why you need to know it! – Part 2!” Citadel Green Room North, Embassy Suites HotelCarl Grant • Stephen Rhind-Tutt The Sun Shining in the Middle of the Night: How Moving Beyond IP Authentication Does Not Spoil the Fun, Ease, or Privacy of Accessing Library Resources Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelAndrew Nagy • Michelle Colquitt The Big Deal Is Dead! Long Live The Big Deal! Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterStephanie Hess • James Galbraith “The Evolution of Ebook collections: learning something new every day” Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelJack Montgomery • Glenda Alvin Stopwatch Session 2: Systems Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelLiya Deng • Nettie Lagace • Jesse Koennecke • Kendall Bartsch • Christee Pascale • Li Ma • Seth Porter • Emily Singley

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Poster Session 1 Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelWeb of Science Group, a Clarivate Analytics company S1-01 The time has come... to build, reflect, and analyze connections between qualitative and quantitative data Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelLeigh Ann DePope • Stephanie Ritchie • Jordan Sly S1-02 The Forest and the Trees: What Circulation Turnover Rates Tell Us about Literature Collections in Academic Libraries Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJeff Staiger S1-03 The research interests of graduate students in Jamaica reflect national urgency: So what are their information needs? Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJacqueline Howell Nash S1-04 Talking of many things: dashboards for reference services decision making Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelHui Hua Chua • Rachel Minkin S1-05 Statistical Stories: Visualizing Usage Statistics with Tableau Public Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelKathy Gehring • Lori Looney S1-06 A River Ran Through It: How to Build a Library Collection after a Natural Disaster Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelHope LeJeune S1-07 Acquiring Teamwork: Resource lifecycles utilizing Alma and each other Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJaclyn Parrott S1-08 When you don't know what you don't know: How new collections librarians rightsized a collections budget Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelCara Cadena • Marcia Lee S1-09 Digital Archives: What Researchers Need from Platforms Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJames Kessenides S1-10 Step 1: Open the box. Step 2: Put materials on the shelf. Step 3: Repeat. Learn how to make your print workflows smarter Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelHeidy Berthoud S1-11 Wrangling Weirdness: Lessons from Academic Law Library Collections Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelCourtney McAllister • Megan Brown S1-12 Collections Work at Non-ARL Institutions: Priorities & Practices Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelStephanie Davis-Kahl S1-13 Deselection Dilemma: Incorporating Faculty Voices in Monograph Deselection Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelLev Rickards S1-14 PONI Up!: Using data to give students what they need Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelElena Rodriguez • Amanda Kraft • Gretchen Scronce S1-15 The Right Place at the Right Time: Embedding Library Tutorials in EBSCOhost Databases Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelTeagan Eastman S1-16 Services Analyst and Collection Data Analyst: Adding Value to the Acquisitions Operation Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelLaura Sill S1-17 Six Years of Running a Campus Open Access Publishing Fund. Where are we? Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRyan Otto S1-18 The homegrown ERMS: Relic of the past, or wave of the future? Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRobert Heaton S1-19 APIs: A Tool for Many Things, including Collections Analysis Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelKaren Kohn S1-20 Making the Invisible Visible: Using Portfolio/project Management to Create and Online Presence That Delivers Content and Services at Scale Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelHeather Jeffcoat • Catherine Murray-Rust

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Poster Session 2 Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelWeb of Science Group, a Clarivate Analytics company S2-01 Collections Data, Tools, and Strategy: Applying R, Tableau and Excel to Print Assessment Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelChristopher Palazzolo • Lori Jahnke S2-02 Creating E-Resource Dashboards to Foster Liaison Librarian Engagement with the Collection Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJohn Tiffin S2-03 Reengineering Acquisitions Infrastructure in Alma: Vendor Records in a Time of Transition Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJeremy Garskof S2-04 “Curiouser and curiouser:” The process of creating, maintaining, and migrating a bibliographic database of assessment resources Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelEmily McCutcheon • Brianne Dosch S2-05 Hospitality Industry Data Sources Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelKen Bolton S2-06 The time has come... to MOVE Many Things: Inventorying and Preparing a Collection for Offsite Storage Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelHannah Mckelvey • Rachelle McLain S2-07 UofSC Librarians and the Open Access Collection Development Policy Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelAmie Freeman • Shanna Schaffer S2-08 Strategies for building inclusive collections in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM): The case of the Grand Challenges of Engineering Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelIbironke Lawal S2-09 Graphic Medicine for All Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelSiamak Samiean S2-10 Purchasing Power: Assessing Library Print Vendors Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJill Dawson S2-11 Parallel or Together?: Deduplicating a STEM research collection combined from two different sources (academic and government) Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelEric Brownell S2-13 What Do Editors Want?: Assessing a Growing Library Publishing Program and Finding Creative Solutions to Unmet Needs Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJulia Lovett • Andree J. Rathemacher S2-14 “What Can I Do About Web Accessibility?” A 15 Minute Activity for Your Team’s Agency Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJulia Caffrey • Robert Pleshar S2-15 Migrating to Alma without an Acquisitions staff: evolving acquisitions and electronic resource workflows from their legacy silos Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelChristine Davidian • Jennifer K Matthews S2-16 Who posts what where?: STEM Preprint Servers Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJennifer Groff S2-17 E-Books and Textbook Affordability: Let’s Talk About It Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRachel Cooke • Steve Rokusek S2-18 Collaborative Archive and Data Research Environment (CADRE): A Big Data Solution for Research Libraries Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRobert Van Rennes S2-19 The Need for Systems Technology Training in Library Schools: Are We Adequately Training Future Librarians? Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelDebbi Dinkins S2-20 Sometimes two hats are better than one: Finding synergy between collections and liaison work Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelGlyneva Bradley-Ridout • Mikaela Gray

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